Communicating our Research Globally and Locally

RECOUP is implementing its research communication strategy based on the assumption that policy and research environments, nationally and globally, will be receptive to the research findings. 

The objectives of our communication stategy are to:

create awareness about the MDG goals and objectives of RECOUP amongst our target audiences, and induce and support a sense of ownership

regularly inform audiences and users of the research about the programme’s accomplishments and outcomes in an accessible way.  Ultimately, we seek to infuence policy by actively engaging our target audiences, enabling them to use research outputs in their own work and thus helping them to make research- and evidence-led decisions.

In this blogger we will be sharing with you our experiences with implementing the RECOUP research communication strategy.


One Response

  1. It looks like RECOUP does some great work. After taking a look at your Communications Plan, it looks like you’ve got a great number of tactics en route that will help with research dissemination. If you’re interested in sharing with a mostly U.S.-based audience of nonprofit practitioners and many academic researchers, you might consider IssueLab! We’d love to help get more eyes on what you do. Feel free to get in touch.

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