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Chris ColcgloughProf. Christopher Colclough.   I am RECOUP Director and also lead our Theme 3 research on Aid and Partnerships.    My research has been concentrated in the the economics of education in developing countries; education, planning, and reform in Africa and Asia; gender and schooling in Africa; development theory and adjustment strategy.  Since 2009, I am also directing a new Centre for Education and International Development within the Faculty of Education, which seeks to explain patterns of access, quality and outcomes of education in developing countries, and to demonstrate how they can be improved.

Bolormaa Shagdar

Dr. Bolormaa Shagdar, Research Associate.    My research has been concentrated in macroeconomic and structural reforms in developing and transitional economies; public management, including public financial management; labour markets and informal sector in Central Asia; education sector planning, policy and reforms; measuring human and social capital development.  I also coordinate the work of the Consortium on communicating the research findings to policy makers, NGO groups, academic and research communities internationally and in the four partner countries.

Rabea Malik.  I am a Researcher at the Mahbub Ul Haq Human Development Centre (MHHDC) – RECOUP partner in Pakistan.   I was a key member of the team to conduct a survey of over 1200 households in Pakistan.   I collected and analysed the survey data, and co-authored the descriptive report from the survey.   I am also involved in theme 3 work and work with Christopher Colclough and Shailaja Fennell to examine the role of aid and PPPs in the education sector in Pakistan.     

Roland Akabzaa.   I am a Senior Researcher at Associates for Change (AFC) – RECOUP partner in Ghana.   I led the team  to analyse the household census data collected from 249 households covering 1,828 people in Nakpanzoo and Nabogu communities in the Northern Region.   I am also in charge of communications work at AFC-RECOUP and organise workshops and meetings with policy-makers and other stakeholders in Ghana.

Anomita Goswami.  I am a Trustee of Collaborative Research and Dissemination (CORD)  – RECOUP partner institution in India.    I perform sundry managerial activities and am also blessed with the task of handling communications for RECOUP-India.

Shailaja Fennell.   I am an economist and Project Leader for the Public-Private Partnerships in the Provision of Education project.   The project evaluates the provision of education by public and private providers drawing on the concepts of ‘voice’ and ‘exit/entry’.  I also coordinate the work of the Development Studies Committee at Cambridge University.   My research interests include, in addition to education provision and partnerships, institutional reform, gender and household dynamics, kinship and ethnicity and comparative economic development.

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